Sub-Contracted Services
Crane Services
Cranes ranging from 8-ton boom trucks to 300-ton mobile cranes may be rented for any size of project.

We offer a vast range of commercial, industrial and institutional electrical services. Some of the services offered are motor control services, lighting retrofits, industrial process automation, life safety, emergency lighting, and energy audits.

We can install commercial and industrial piping and drains, facilitate pipe freezing, pipe repairs and alterations, insulating of piping, and camera inspections using the latest technology.

Welding services are available and include pipe welding for natural gas, water and steam piping, structural steel welding and boiler repairs. Specialty welding services are also available, which include aluminum, plastic and stainless steel welding.

X-Ray, Scanning and Coring
Whenever coring through concrete walls, floors and roofs, Scanning or X-Ray services are often a necessity to ensure that high voltage wires or important structural steel are not present and accidentally damaged during the coring process. HVAC Dimensions can provide these services through our sub-contracted network.

Vibration Analysis
This service is very important in prolonging the life of any moving piece of machinery. Vibration analysis can predict and prevent major mechanical failures through measuring and analyzing the current vibration levels.

Indoor Air Quality Testing
Lately, IAQ has become one of the most popular topics in any working environment. IAQ testing that is offered through our sub-contracted network will give you an accurate assessment of the levels of various contaminants that are present in your workplace. The results of the study are then analyzed and proper solutions are presented to correct any abnormalities.

Water Treatment
Water treatment for boiler and chiller hydronic systems is a crucial part of keeping the system clean, reducing scale and eliminating the risk of having legionella bacteria present in cooling towers or drain pans of air handling units. Proper treatment programs allow the HVAC system to maintain high operating efficiencies. Water Treatment is one of HVAC Dimensions’ sub-contracted services and is part of a proper full maintenance program.

Helping The Environment

HVAC Dimensions is committed to helping save the environment. One way that we are doing this is by collecting old mercury thermostats and sending them off to get dismantled.

The mercury is then recovered. For more information on the program visit www.switchthestat.ca

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