life-cycle cost analysis
HVAC Life-cycle Cost Analysis
HVAC equipment life cycle analysis can be understood easier when compared to maintenance of a car except an HVAC unit will last twice as long as a typical car if well maintained. The following are components that typically require replacement or servicing throughout the life-span of the unit.


Over the course of an HVAC unit's 20 year life-span a typical unit will require the replacement of the condenser fan motor(s), ventor motor and indoor blower motor once or twice. This can be compared to tires on a car.


Contactors have to be changed every few years as their contacts get pitted and corroded, pulleys get worn from many hours of use. This could be compared to replacement of brakes on your car. Replacement keeps the equipment working safely and prolongs the life-span.

Ignition Boards/Flame Sensors

Because of our cold climate heating ignition boards and flame sensors are subjected to drastic changes in temperature which cause condensation and rust which is detrimental to delicate electronic circuitry. These components work on micro amps and very low voltage, therefore typically have a life-span of 5 years or less. Replacement of these parts keep the heating equipment safe. This could be compared to the replacement of spark plugs on your car.

Condenser Cleaning

Condenser cleaning is important in keeping the operating temperatures within an acceptable range. This keeps efficiency high and power consumption low. Periodic condenser cleaning could be compared to oil changes on a car.

Once an HVAC piece of equipment approaches 15 or 20 years of age entire replacement should be considered.

HVAC Dimensions can provide all of the pertinent budgeting information when analyzing the life-cycle of an HVAC piece of equipment.

Helping The Environment

Reducing our carbon footprint is very important to our next generation.

We always provide energy efficient equipment in any retrofit we undertake to reduce the overall energy consumption.

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